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Imagine the Future

Imagine the Future

 After achieving much success in our first and current location at First United Methodist Church, our growth and expanding programs required us to start looking for a new home, a place of our own. We started our search last year and looked at over 200 properties throughout Union County. After this exhaustive search, we are happy to report we found the ideal space at 244 Sheffield Street in Mountainside, and the Imagine Board of Trustees voted and approved in August the signing of a lease to move into our new home this fall. We are on track to move in late November. Stay tuned for an invitation to our Open House in the new year.   

 What will this move accomplish?

This move will allow us to almost double the number of children, teens and adults we serve, expand our educational offerings and create an environment designed specifically for grief support, with breakout rooms based on developmental age of the participants.  A home of our own says to children: “Your loss matters” and “We are here for you for as long as you need.”

As you might imagine, a move like this does not happen without a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. Last week as I went from meeting to meeting I was struck by the vast number of people working hard and volunteering their time and considerable talents  to create a new home for Imagine. Architects, designers, builders and lawyers, most of whom have donated all of their services, working to ensure we achieve our goal.

Our tireless board, staff and volunteers, continuing with the daily business of running Imagine, so that all of our participants continue receiving the services they need, even in the midst of all this change. And then there are our donors, without whom none of this would even be possible to contemplate.  From our faithful and generous Circle of Hope members sending in their pledges early, and the extraordinary support from our Campaign donors to everyone else who gives so generously to our mission, thank you!

 I was so moved by all of these volunteers and donors engaged in this work on behalf of all the kids coming to Imagine now and in the future.   So on this particular day as I took in an organization literally abuzz with activity, I wanted to get a message to all the kids out there in grief now and in the future that “We’ve got you!"  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous support and investment in our future.  Together we are creating communities where children grow up emotionally healthy and are able to lead meaningful and productive lives.