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First Lady Mary Pat Christie Honors Mary Robinson as NJ Hero

Mary is NJ HeroFirst Lady Mary Pat Christie today named Mary Robinson, founder and executive director of Imagine in Mountainside as her first New Jersey Hero of 2017 and 46th New Jersey Hero overall. Ms. Robinson began Imagine in 2011 to help children and families grieving and dealing with loss of a loved one by providing free support services that foster resiliency and the emotional well-being for those impacted.

“The loss of a loved one can have a tremendous effect on young children and teenagers,” said First Lady Mary Pat Christie. “I applaud Mary for reflecting on her own childhood experience with loss and recognizing the incredible responsibility we have as adults to help children successfully cope with these life events in healthy, nurturing ways and to give them hope for the future. With a passion that continues to make a difference in the lives of so many grieving children and families, I’m proud to name Mary Robinson as my first New Jersey Hero of the year.”

Imagine serves children and teens coping with loss due to the death of a parent or sibling, and children and teens coping with an adult family member with a terminal, chronic or life altering illness. The 501(c) 3 organization provides support for young adults 18-30. Since its founding, it has also provided educational workshops, presentations and on-site support for over 7000 adults and youth.

As a grassroots organization and community-based model, Imagine operates with the dedicated support of over 75 adult and teen volunteers who make the center’s programs possible. Each of these volunteers donates more than 100 hours a year to this work and currently serve over 230 children, teens and adults from 48 New Jersey towns every two weeks.

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