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Welcome to Our Newest Volunteer Facilitators!

First Class Trained at New Center

11 new volunteers attended our four-day volunteer facilitator training to help Imagine start a fifth Night of Support.

“The training has restored my belief in the compassion of all and was truly transformative. I have learned so much and my life will be, and already has been, enriched by the knowledge shared.” - Stephanie Naphtali.

Thank you as always to our business partner Bradley & Son Funeral Homes for conducting part of the training and to Bagel Chateau for helping feed our hungry volunteers!

VolunteersBack row l-r: Jennifer Krauss, Stephanie Naphtali, Stefani Marcazzo, Suzanne Pinto, Aimee Jayinski, Steve Johnson. Front row l-r: Richard Szeto, Tara Goldin, Maureen Mulligan, Grace DiMarco, Judy Williams.