So That No Child Grieves Alone… Support Imagine With an End of Year Gift

Gallagher family

When Jessica and Brenden were age 4 and 2, their dad Matthew died.  Jessica helped give her dad his pills and snuggled with him when he was sick.  She and her brother would run into their dad’s room each morning to give him kisses in his bed before they left for school.

“After our dad died, we were fighting really bad,” Brenden recalls.  “At Imagine, I feel much better because I know I’m not the only one whose dad died and I get to talk about how I’m feeling,” said Jessica.  She also says that Imagine is a happy place where she has met many new friends and learned to speak more openly about her loss.  “And we don’t fight so much anymore!” said Brenden.

Both Brenden and Jessica especially like the arts and crafts at Imagine that allow them to explore their feelings while remembering their dad, like making a memory box where Jessica keeps photos and other mementos of her dad.  They also love the Volcano Room where they get to stomp on bubble wrap, scream into scream boxes and wrestle with pillows.

Your donation will help Imagine provide more children like Brenden and Jessica with the support they need to cope with their grief in healthy ways and grow up resilient, strong and able to live up to their unique potential.

Imagine does not charge a fee to attend our programs and over 80% of our revenue goes directly to our program expenses.  Every gift made to Imagine, regardless of the amount, will benefit and have a direct impact on the children and families we serve. Families like the Cheryl Gallagher and her two children Jessica and Brenden, pictured above.  All donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Amy Yin Interiors in Short Hills (up to $10,000.)  Please help us obtain the total match!  Every dollar counts.

Just $10 buys a pizza pie for a family which we serve on every Night of Support.  Brenden especially  loves the pizza … we thought it was just because it’s great pizza, but he said it’s also because that is where he gets to see ALL of his Imagine friends.  $100 will buy pizza for all families attending Imagine on one Night of Support.  $1500 is the cost for one child to attend Imagine for free for one year.

Thank you for helping ensure grieving children and teens grow up emotionally healthy and able to lead meaningful and productive lives.  No child should ever have to grieve alone.  To make a tax-deductible donation click HERE.