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Circle of Hope Society

A special thanks to our Circle of Hope members who have pledged to support Imagine for five years with an annual gift. Their great generosity allows us to offer free services to all families who participate at Imagine.

Circle of Hope members pledge a minimum of $1,000 per year for five years allowing us to generate sustainable funding for Imagine. This funding ensures that every child, family and adult who has experienced a loss due to death has a safe place to get the support they need to heal and grow.

Learn more about joining our Giving Societies by contacting our Donor Engagement Specialist, Nicole Hudson at 908-264-3100 x111 or

Legacy of Hope Society

We welcome friends who commit to our future support through a bequest, beneficiary designation or other planned gift valued over $5,000. We are so grateful to these loyal supporters who want to ensure their legacy furthers Imagine’s mission in years to come.

Please fill out this Gift Intention Form or call Nicole Hudson at 908-264-3100 and we will be pleased to provide more information.


Legacy of Hope Members

Nicole Hudson

Robert & Barbara Koppel

Mary Robinson

Marilyn Stiglitz

Thank You to Our Circle of Hope Members

Nancy and Joel Altobello

Lisa and Joseph Amato

Steven and Caroline Angel

Louise Arkel

Sara Jane and Lenny Armuth

Stuart and Wendy Arnold

Ellan Ben-Hayon

Ellen Bernholz

The Family of Robyn Blumenreich

Jay Boyle

David Brand

Shelley and Kip Brindle

Don and Allison Bucciarelli

Rebecca Burke

Anthony and Deb Cerami

Christine Cosenza – State Farm Insurance

Vincent and Carolyn Culhane

Linda Curro

Vasilios Daskalopous

Andrew, Remy and Griffin Davis

Charlie and Traci DeAngelis

Jennie and Alex DeVincenzo

Michael Dietrich

John Duetsch

Kathy Dulan

Daniel Egan

Faith Lutheran Church, New Providence

Marci and Steve Fisher

Rachel Furnari

Claude Fusco

Rebecca Garrett

Greg Giardiello

Mary Claire Givelbar

Suzanne Glatt

Lawrence and Cynthia Goldman


Nancy Gruskin

Steve and Lauren Guberer

Alan Haveson

Richard and Mary Hille

Orit Hodarkovsky

Elisa Jacobson

JustinTime Foundation

Deb Kapuscinski

Tom and Rhonda Kean

Bob and Jessica Kelly

Paul Kleespies

Robert and Barbara Koppel

Ethan and Debby Kramer

Eric and Ellen Legoff

Steve and Nina Lerner

Gregory Lewis

Colleen Logan

Pastor Jane and Gary McCready

Brad and Jennifer Melvin

Diana Miller

Paul N. Mirabelli

Robert and Eileen Mitchell

Mike Modica

James and Kathy Monahan

Monarch Homes

Melissa Montalvo

Fran Monteleone

Dennis and Jo Newnham

Bonnie Nolan

Gia O’Keefe

Jeff and Eleanor Peris

Paul Peterson

Suzanne and Darin Pinto

Steve Popper

Michele Raber

Nora and Rob Radest

Ann Rasmussen and Chris Cerf

Diane and Robert Renzulli

Beth and Joe Riordan

Mary Robinson

Trini Rodriguez

Dr. Harvey Rosen

Connie Rostiac

Sheila Rostiac

Lorraine and Tom Ruprecht

Jill and Greg Sawers

Joan Schade

Lisa and Robert Schwartz

David and Christine Scordato

Margo Seaman

Sydney Sherry

Jeffrey Sobel

Kristen and Blake Sonnek-Schmelz

Kara Stamper

Basil and Jenny Stepanov

Marilyn Stiglitz

Holly S. Strelzik

Superior Interiors

Geraldine Summa

Carolyn Tenney

Marjorie Ticknor

John and Marilyn Toriello

Sarino Tropeano

Jeffrey Vanterpool

Tom and Suneeta Varkey

Joanne and Michael Warin

Scott and Anna West

Jason and Pili Yarusi

Michele Zahka

Ron and Natalie Zuzovsky

Making A 

“As a founding board member I saw firsthand how Imagine transforms lives and supports so many families who are grieving.  We made a decision to join the Circle of Hope in order to provide sustainable funding and help insure Imagine is here long after we are gone. Being a part of this extraordinary circle allows us to share the experience of making a difference with a special group who share a common passion.”

– Stacy and David Weinman