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Fostering Resilience

Grief Education for Communities

Fostering Resilience in Grieving Children and Teens

Learn how a neighborhood, community organization or other group, including PTA/Os, Houses of Worship, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Sports Leagues, can be supportive in a time of crisis or loss.  We will work with you to create a workshop tailored specifically to your audience and your needs.  Losses can include death, divorce, separation, abandonment, parental incarceration, disability, illness, etc.  We also provide support at YOUR site – whether a school, workplace, house of worship or town hall – after any type of loss including but not limited to suicide, homicide, accidental death, or illness.

Research shows that the single most important factor that helps grieving children do well is the active presence of at least one healthy, caring, functional adult in their lives who sees them, acknowledges their loss and offers support.  Our community workshops are designed to ensure that wherever a child or teen turns in their life, there will be an adult prepared to provide support and a listening ear.

Some of our partners include Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation, Family Promise, Alzheimer’s NJ, New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF,) PFLAG, Jewish Community Center of Central Jersey, the Summit Y, Scotch Plains YMCA,  and many others.

We’d like to share this excerpt from a letter we received after a workshop at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation for parents of children with brain injuries:

To learn more about children and grief and to find additional resources and grief support centers in NJ and nationally, go to the National Alliance for Grieving Children.


“I am the mom of a child with a brain injury… I feel I had a spiritual awakening today after listening to you. You made so much sense, everything made sense to me finally after all these years. .. You woke up my feelings that I have held deep down since the “incident,” as I like to call it. I didn’t realize I needed to grieve… Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my grieving heart. You have NO IDEA how much you helped me today, I feel I can finally start to live again.”

– Lori Hinkle