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#IRunFor My Dad and the Happiness of Kids at Imagine

Kaitlin Casey runs Greta’s Run for her dad and expresses how the feeling of grief is that mixture of intense pain and intense love.

#IRunFor My Kind, Handsome, Funny Dad

Mary Robinson, Founder and Executive Director, runs Greta’s Run for her dad and every kid who needs caring adults when they have a parent die.

#IRunFor My Dad – My Voice of Reason, My Rock

Amanda Maxwell runs for her father. It had been just the two of them for 15 years after losing her mother in 1999.

#IRunFor Christopher, My Sister’s Husband

Mike Modica runs Greta’s Run for his brother-in-law, Christopher and promises to look after his sister and their 3 children.

#IRunFor My Father and People Struggling with Mental Illness

Kimberly Charlesworth Wielgus runs for her father and the importance of bringing awareness to mental illness, addiction, and hopelessness.

Coping Skills Toolbox

Use this toolbox to find ways to cope when you are going through a difficult time.

Black History Month 2021: Grief and Love

Black history month is a time to honor the achievements of Black Americans but this year, when there has been so much loss, we need to acknowledge that, “We are in the middle of a black bereavement crisis.” This quote, from Marissa Evan’s recent article in The Atlantic entitled, “The Relentlessness of Black Grief”, speaks to the overwhelming and cumulative grief experienced by many in the Black community.

Around the Holiday Table: Talking about Someone Who Died

My mother died on October 23, 2008.  A month later I spent that first Thanksgiving without her at my godmother Ginny’s house with her family. I had known Ginny my whole life and her three daughters, all around my age, were like cousins to me. They were all there too, one of them with her own three daughters.

The Gift of Having all of Your Feelings: Grief and the Holidays

There is so much pressure to be happy in our culture, especially at the holidays. We are supposed to have a Happy Thanksgiving, a “merry little Christmas” or a Happy Hanukah. But grief doesn’t take a holiday.

Election 2020: A Lesson in Learning How to Lose

Imagine Clinical Training Director, Connie Palmer, LCSW shares lessons on losing in healthy, constructive ways.