Is Imagine Right For You, Not Therapy or Counseling

“It is very powerful to be part of a community like this. It’s like we are all being lifted up together.”

Is Imagine Right For You?

Imagine is not therapy or counseling.  It is a peer support program that depends on the connections and sharing of group participants to assist individuals in mourning their loss.  Imagine exists to provide a safe space and place for children and adults to mourn their loss, develop healthy coping skills, and integrate the loss into their lives.  In the case of loss due to death, the individual will slowly over time discover how to be in the world without the physical presence of the person who died.  Over time individuals will arrive at a “new normal.”

The first step to attending Imagine is to contact us at or (908) 264-3100 to sign up for an hour-long orientation. During that orientation, you will learn about our peer support group model, have a chance to talk about your loss, learn the definitions of grief and mourning, take a tour of the center, and discern if Imagine is the right fit for you and your family.  You will receive a registration packet to complete prior to attending Imagine.  You must be able to make a commitment to attending your support group consistently as your group members depend on your presence.  Imagine is not a drop-in program.

Imagine Principles

We Believe

  • Grief is a natural reaction to loss.
  • We all have within us the natural capacity to heal after a loss.
  • The duration and intensity of grief are unique to each individual.
  • Caring and acceptance assist in both the grieving and healing processes.

Our Practice

  • We accept and affirm all feelings.
  • We provide caring support and serve as companions on each individual’s unique journey through loss.
  • We are empathic listeners and compassionate witnesses. We listen with our hearts, eyes and ears.
  • We believe every person has the right to be heard and understood
  • We gather as a grieving community to honor each other’s stories and to hold hope in the presence of suffering.
  • We care for ourselves with compassion and understanding so that we may do the same for others.

To request an orientation for your family, please contact us at or (908) 264-3100.