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Gifts in Memoriam

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are made in memory of a deceased family member, friend, colleague, etc.,  upon the occasion of their death, anniversary of their passing or other significant time of remembrance. It is a way to honor your loved one while helping children and families in need. 

Make a gift in memory of someone

Visit Eduardo Martinez’s Memorial Page

If you would like Imagine to set up a Memorial Page for those making gifts in memory of your loved one, please contact our Development Department at 908-264-3100.

Thank You

“On behalf of my son, whose wife died of cancer at 32, my granddaughter whose precious mom died and myself, I want to say thank you to everyone who supports Imagine.   Imagine gives us comfort, kindness, generosity, and a safe place to grieve our pain, work through it and recover from it, in our own time and without judgment, giving us only unconditional love, support and so much more that words cannot describe.”  

Debbie Finkel, Imagine participant