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Imagine is Hiring an Operations Director

Operations Director

Imagine is seeking a full time dedicated professional to lead Imagine through operational excellence in program, finance, HR, and day to day operations, including but not limited to finance, technology, data, development and more. A deep connection to our mission is essential.

Core Responsibilities
• Serve as second in command to Executive Director and reports directly to the Executive
• Drive the annual budget and weekly/monthly financial management reporting
• Create and update all financial procedures and policies for the organization.
• Oversee all day to day operations at all locations for the organizations
• Support the operational excellence and systems and procedures for our direct service.
• Support the operational development of our training and education branch, Imagine
• Co-lead/support the strategic planning process and implementation
• Implement, with support of the ED and the board, the strategic plans
• Partner with auditors to complete annual audit
• Contract administration for all external vendors
• Support the ED in preparation for board and committee meetings
• Serve as a public representative of the organization

Functional Responsibilities
Financial Management – 35%
1. Budget & Financial Controls – consisting of creating annual budget, managing operating budget to plan, Create budgets for specific projects and grant proposals
2. Financial Reporting consisting of preparing and reviewing monthly financial statements for ED and Finance Committee, creating weekly cash reports to Finance Committee, preparing and reviewing specific financial statements for specific projects and grant submission and reporting
3. Accounts Payable and Receivable – consisting of reviewing and approving all invoices for payment, and supporting bookkeeper to ensure everyone is paid on time, working with development and training groups to collect receipts for timely posting including pledge payments
4. Audit Management – Reviewing and submitting all required documentation for the annual audit, overseeing the financial audit process and point person for the auditors, resolving all key findings prior to audit review
5. Financial Policy Creation and Management and Bookkeeping – Ensuring timely updates to receipts and expenses, reviewing posting results, ensuring bookkeeper’s availability to support financial audit

Operational Excellence – 30%
1. Day to Day Operational Organization, Oversight and Support – supporting direct program services, Imagine University, Communications and Development on day to day systems and structure creation to improve the quality of procedures, systems and direct support to families, donors, and partner organizations.
2. Day to Day Technological Operational Support – consisting of ensuring technical (PCs, servers) and communications (telephones, internet) support platforms work for employees and working with Office Manager, IT Consultant and vendors to address and prioritize outages according to severity of issue.
3. Technology Standardization and Strategy Support – consisting of setting and maintaining technology standards for the organization e.g Windows, Office 365, communications, providing best in class technology to effectively support Imagine’s business needs, managing all vendor solutions e.g. donor management system

Human Resources – Health Benefits – 20%
1. Health Benefits – Overseeing all health plans (medical, dental and vision), Open Enrollment preparation, Overseeing annual medical and dental/vision open enrollment periods
2. Compensation – Maintaining all employee related data to process payroll, running payroll according to pay frequency
3. Annual HR Review – Supporting ED to determine competitive market rates for all positions, determining annual salary adjustments, promotions and bonuses if applicable.
4. Supporting Hiring – Supporting the creation of job descriptions as required with assistance from department heads, working with legal to ensure compliance with FLSA requirements for non-profit organizations, participating in interview process as required, creating and executing onboarding checklist (Send out appropriate materials including offer letter, W-4, I-9 and employee handbook, Obtain W-4 and employee acknowledge forms, validate I-9, and cancelled check for direct deposit)

Facilities Management – 15%
1. Manage day-to-day facilities at both locations
2. Liaison with landlord on all landlord responsible issues and work efforts
3. Liaison with various vendors and provider on tenant responsible issues and work efforts
4. Perform due diligence reviews on all vendor contracts
5. Ensure proper liability insurance for staff, board members, volunteers and facilities

Recommended Credentials and Experience
• 10+ years recommended working experience in non-profit or combination private/non-profit sectors. Required 8 years minimum experience
• Minimum 4 years managerial/direct staff oversight experience
• Minimum 4 years managerial/direct oversight experience in finance
• Minimum 2 year managerial/direct oversight of HR
• Masters Degree in related fields (finance, business management, management, public administration or public policy)
• Strong written and verbal communication skills required
• Strong relationship building skills required
• Strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills required
• Strong data analysis and goal orientation required
• Technology experience with desktop management recommended and managing vendor solutions a plus
• Facilities management experience a plus
• Managerial or hands-on experience with Donor/CRM systems a plus
• Experience with data analysis and business intelligence reporting a plus
• Past or current board or committee member for a non-profit a plus
• Bi-Lingual – preferred
• Valid NJ driver’s license.
• Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19
• A deep connection to our mission – a must have

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume that outlines how your skills and experiences meet the qualifications of the position to In the subject line of your email, please include your name and the job title for this position (“Your name – Operations Director”).

Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss is an Equal Opportunity Employer


About Imagine:

Vision: Imagine a world where grief and loss are transformed into resilience, empathy and compassion. Imagine a world where children coping with loss grow up emotionally healthy and able to lead meaningful and productive lives. Imagine a world where every community is able to support those grieving with compassion, resources, time and acceptance. We Imagine this world 
is possible.

Mission: To support children and families coping with loss and foster resiliency and emotional well-being for all those who grieve.

About Us: Imagine is a grief support center located in Mountainside NJ and Newark NJ. Imagine provides grief education and training and free year-round peer grief support groups for children ages 3 – 18, young adults, and adults who are coping with loss.

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