#IRunFor My Husband, My Gentle Giant

#IRunFor My Husband, My Gentle Giant

By: Amy McKenna, Imagine Participant

My husband, Jerry, was a gentle giant. Most often the largest person in the room, he was calm, kind and soft spoken. Bigger than his stature was his heart. Spending time with his big Irish family and large group of friends, many from childhood, was what made him happiest, along with a rare win by his NY Jets.

When our son, Patrick, was born, we were both grateful and thrilled. Jerry had big plans for himself and the newest Jets fan. Jerry would coach Patrick’s teams and teach him how to lift weights. They already went to the gym together on the weekends and to “Buffalo Wild Wings” after for lunch.

Jerry died when Patrick was 3-and-half years old, leaving a hole in our hearts and our family. Imagine has shown us both how to mourn and remember, as we move towards healing and peace.

#IRunFor Jerry McKenna

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