#IRunFor My Dad and the Happiness of Kids at Imagine

#IRunFor My Dad and the Happiness of Kids at Imagine

By: Kaitlin Casey

When I did my Greta’s Run (well, walk) last year, I thought about Greta and the enormous amount of love her family and friends have for her. I thought about my dad, who was only a couple years older than I am now when he died. I thought about how my mom raised me and my brother on her own and how incredibly hard that was. I thought about my childhood grief and how lonely it felt sometimes to not have a father when other kids had theirs. I thought about how happy I am that the kids at Imagine don’t have to feel so alone.

The feeling of grief is that mixture of intense pain and intense love. That’s what makes it so incredibly uncomfortable, so we don’t want to deal with it. But it will in come in waves whether we want it or not, and unaddressed grief is the cause of so much additional pain in this world. I’m proud to be doing my best to change that for children and their families in our communities, especially with so much loss happening right now. #GretasRun #IRunFor

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