#IRunFor My Kind, Handsome, Funny Dad

#IRunFor My Kind, Handsome, Funny Dad

By: Mary Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of Imagine, A Center Coping with Loss

As we get ready for Greta’s Run, we will be sharing stories from race participants about who they are running for. To kick us off, our Executive Director Mary Robinson shares who she runs for:

This week it will be 47 years since my dad died of cancer. Feb 24th, 1974. I was 14. Last night I received an email from author Bruce Feiler, who formed a “council of dads” for his twin daughters when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Needless to say I would have given anything for a council of dads after my dad died. Though I think my dad has been watching over me all these years… keeping me safe when I was acting out when I was younger, and then supporting me in my work as an adult to support bereaved children and families. So I run for my kind, handsome, funny dad who I still miss every day even though it’s been 47 years. And I run for every kid who needs caring adults to step in when they have a parent die. #IRunFor my dad. #IRunFor all the kids.

Who will you run for? Click here to register for Greta’s Run today!

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