#IRunFor My Sister, My Playmate

#IRunFor My Sister, My Playmate

By: Sally Glick, Imagine Supporter

The year I was 11 and my younger sister Bonita was 8, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. In the 1950s there were fewer options and she never even went into a remission. Doses of cortisone bloated her but I guess that was all the doctors had to offer. We always shared a bedroom and played together for hours and hours without growing bored with our Barbie dolls, playing school, or whatever else we cooked up. I was older, so I was the boss. My authority went unquestioned! But I never knew what was going on in the drama unfolding around me.

My parents consulted a family therapist who recommended they not tell me how sick my sister was for fear that it would be too difficult for me to manage. So it became an adventure instead. When she was in the hospital for transfusions, and occasionally for an overnight stay, my parents always arranged a fun lunch and play date for me at a friend’s house – so I looked forward to those special days instead of realizing why the three of them were at the hospital without me. Although I have lived an amazing life – joyful and love filled – I miss not having the chance to grown up with a sister to share it with.

Thanks for this nice opportunity to celebrate her brief life as well.

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