Supporting Children Coping with Loss | Virtual Webinar

Community Webinar:
Coping with Loss during the Holidays

Through this free, pre-recorded Imagine University webinar you will learn:

  • Ways to incorporate the one you lost into your celebratory traditions
  • What to expect when grieving during the holidays
  • How you can have all your feelings this holiday season

Please consider donating to help make webinars like this one possible. With your help, we can continue providing exceptional grief support to families who need it and educate the community on how to help those coping with loss.

For information on becoming a Grief-Informed School District or our Supporting Employees Coping with Loss Program, please contact Imagine Clinical Training Director Connie Palmer, LCSW by email or by calling 908-264-3100.  


Imagine University provides quality grief education in a world with unimaginable levels of loss. Imagine University equips its students to transform grief, trauma and loss into resilience, empathy and compassion. Imagine’s vision is to empower and support children coping with loss so that they grow up emotionally healthy and able to lead meaningful and productive lives.