Please Help Us Replenish Supplies in our Support Group Rooms

Wish List for Imagine Center

Thank you for helping us keep our support group rooms stocked with needed supplies, toys, and games!  Items can be purchased and delivered directly Imagine or you can send a donation to Imagine to cover the cost of a particular item.  Please contact us at as soon as you have selected an item so we can mark it “donated” on the Wish List.  *If you have similar items in great condition, that you would like to donate, please contact us as well. Thank you!

Room Supplies

  • Foosball Table (New or like new please)
  • 2 Fans 
  • Super Hero Capes and Costumes for ages 3-12
  • Purple Group Flashlights 
  • Koosh Balls 
  • Beach Balls
  • Children, teen, and adult blank journals
  • Fidget toys…. slinkies, Rubik Cubes, mini Etch A Sketches, etc. 
  • Baby dolls and doll clothing
  • Princess costumes for age 3-5
  • Dress up clothes for boys and girls from age 6-12.  Can be everyday wear such as flannel shirts, construction boots, dresses, and shoes.
  • Fireman, policeman, nurse, doctor uniforms/costumes.
  • Bean Bags (2)
  • Baskets



  • Gift Cards from Staples, Amazon, Home Goods, Michaels, etc. are all very welcome!