Grief-Informed Workplaces


Supporting Employees Coping with Loss

Every day, people bring their grief into the workplace which can result in reduced productivity and strained employee relationships.

While grief is a necessary and healthy response to loss, the effects of grief can be profound and long lasting, especially if people are not given support while grieving. It is important to be prepared to respond to the effects of loss in the workplace.

Imagine a workplace where providing education and speaking openly about grief and loss creates the compassionate and supportive work environment grieving employees and their colleagues need.

Supporting Employees Coping with Loss, one of Imagine’s Training & Education programs, can get you there.

I turned to Imagine
“I turned to Imagine after one small department lost two coworkers within a month’s time. They provided on-site grief support for the team and others across the company. I am grateful for the impact they have with our workforce and the communities we serve.”
– Sheila Rostiac, PSEG, Vice President –
Total Rewards & Talent Management

How to Support Someone Coping with Loss




Understanding loss, grief, and mourning

  • Define loss, grief, and mourning.
  • Identify the different types of primary and secondary losses that we may experience and the impact of these losses.
  • Explain the importance of mourning and also describe what happens when mourning doesn’t occur.
  • Recognize the importance of using the Companioning Model to support those who are grieving.


Diving into grief
through an

  • Describe how shame affects how we protect ourselves and inhibits our ability to mourn.
  • Apply an intersectional lens to explore how we experience our own grief and support others who are grieving.
  • Give examples of how grief impacts children at different developmental stages.
  • Recognize how the school, organization or workplace climate affects those who are grieving.


Skill building,
planning, and

  • Discover ways to help rebuild the internal locus of control following a loss.
  • Apply knowledge and skills learned to various scenarios when supporting someone who is grieving.
  • Evaluate and/or create support responses to grief for various roles within the community of the school, organization or workplace.


  • Discover the parallel process that occurs when stories are shared, and space is created where you can bear witness to each other’s stories.
  • Practice facilitation and companioning skills that are modeled throughout the training.
  • Recognize the importance of self-care and community care and the consequences of not doing either.

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Testimonials & Shoutouts!

Insightful, honest, and candid

"Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss came to our event and provided training for participants that truly struck a chord with those who attended. The training was insightful, honest and candid in the manner in which it addressed, discussed and engaged participants. I was anticipating, given the topic, I would leave feeling downhearted. Instead, I felt at ease, and like there was an understanding amongst the participants. My domino piece still sits on my dresser as a reminder of the training."

Laura Del Prete-Conde
Deputy Director, NAMI NJ
Powerful learning experience

"The training provided by Imagine was a powerful learning experience. Our goal was to educate professionals on the many and complex facets of grief, and Imagine did just that through this training. The presenters explained the concepts in relatable ways, and utilized examples and object lessons that were moving. The session was engaging, enlightening, and practical for individuals in every setting. Everyone who attended walked away better equipped to engage with the topic of grief."

Rachel Ishak, MSW, LSW
Camp TREK at Brain Injury Alliance of NJ
Providing grief tools, terms, and framework

"Imagine provided a thorough overview and deep dive into the world of grief, providing us with tools, terms, and frameworks to think about grief in different ways in the work we do in prisons and in the community in the aftermath of violence. Their facilitators were well-prepared, thoughtful, and heartfelt guides in a place that's not necessarily comfortable to explore. I'm grateful for the work they do!"

Julian Ward
The Ahimsa Collective

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