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Supporting Employees Coping with Loss

Every day, people bring their grief into the workplace which can result in reduced productivity and strained employee relationships.

While grief is a necessary and healthy response to loss, the effects of grief can be profound and long lasting, especially if people are not given support while grieving. It is important to be prepared to respond to the effects of loss in the workplace.

Imagine a workplace where providing education and speaking openly about grief and loss creates the compassionate and supportive work environment grieving employees and their colleagues need.

Supporting Employees Coping with Loss, an Imagine University program, can get you there.

I turned to Imagine
“I turned to Imagine after one small department lost two coworkers within a month’s time. They provided on-site grief support for the team and others across the company. I am grateful for the impact they have with our workforce and the communities we serve.”
– Sheila Rostiac, PSEG, Vice President –
Total Rewards & Talent Management
We offer:

Consultation and On-Site Support After a Trauma or Loss
We provide ongoing consultation related to bereavement needs as they arise and facilitate on-site grief support group(s) for employees, management and C-level executives after any sudden or traumatic loss.

Educational Workshops
We will assess your needs and determine with you what specific topics to cover resulting in a customized workshop to provide you with support, tools to understand loss, and the knowledge needed to build a more resilient, healthy and productive workplace. Topics can include supporting a grieving co-worker, preparing for layoffs, and coping with the illness or death of a colleague. Workshops range from one hour to a full day. They can be designed specifically for HR personnel, managers or staff.

Program Development
We can work with you to design Bereavement Policy and Procedures that meet the needs of your company. If your company already has policies and procedures, we will review them with you and assist you in making any necessary revisions.

Lunch and Learn
If you don’t have time for an extensive workshop, we offer a lunchtime seminar that provides basic information about grief. This can be a one-time seminar or a series.

We can provide you with informational materials and direct you to appropriate resources to help you manage grief in the workplace.

To sign up for any one of these services, please contact Imagine’s Training and Education Director, Veronica Ortiz, LPC at or 908-264-3100.

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