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Individuals like you help ensure that Imagine’s grief support programs are at no cost to children and families coping with loss.


Cannot Say Enough

“Imagine is such a blessing to all those who love and grieve. I cannot say enough about Connie Palmer (Imagine Clinical Training Director) and Imagine’s programs for high school students.”

Joanne Scarano Jakubik
School Counselor at Union Catholic High
Means The Most To Me

"The Imagine Community has meant the most to me. It was hearing those who have gone before me in this grief process still find happiness and hope. What I can say is that I have hope in different things. What I can say is that my son is better. And if he's better and if he has hope now, then that means the world to me."

Michelle B.
Imagine Participant
An Amazing Community

"Imagine is an amazing community, that allow individuals and families to explore the impact of loss in their life. The environment they've created is safe and life altering. As an educator, that works in an urban environment, that witness students and families that experience great loss at unconscionable rates. There is a tremendous need for a community that is able to provide my students and families the warmth, love, compassion and encouragement that you are embraced with, in every interaction with Imagine."

Kevin Brown
20+ Year Educator in Newark, NJ

Fundraise For Imagine

Imagine is grateful for the individuals, businesses and organizations that eagerly and compassionately raise money for our grief support programs.

We're here to help!

Are you interested in creating a fundraiser but don’t know where to start? Contact the Development Team at 908-264-3100 or to get started!

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One of a kind Imagine Sympathy Cards designed specifically for children and teens by Imagine youth participants. The purchase price covers our cost to produce and ship the card. Please consider making an additional donation.

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Greta’s Run

One of the largest 5k’s in the area, Greta’s Run was founded in memory of Greta Schoenemann by her childhood friends Ben Nanna and Jayne Ruotolo.

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