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“What I know from research is that about two-thirds of our nation’s youth don’t feel they have a supportive adult in their schools.” Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Director of Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Students grieving any type of loss are less able to learn and do well academically and need the support and care of the school community. Grief can have a serious impact on learning for school-age children and can manifest itself in decreased academic performance, social withdrawal, and behavioral problems.  

Imagine is here to help. Our vision is to create communities where students who have experienced a painful loss grow up emotionally healthy and able to live up to their unique potential.  This is achieved by educating and training school staff and parents in how to support grieving students, build resilience, and help youth develop healthy coping tools. A grief-informed school or school district is comprised of district-wide culturally relevant professional development and education for all school staff, students, parents and caregivers in how to support grieving students, their families, and fellow staff members. 

Contact Imagine at 908-264-3100 to learn more about becoming a Grief-Informed School or School district.

We offer individualized programs for staff, students, and parents. A school/district can select any of the offerings or choose all four to become a grief-informed district. 



Fostering Resilience in School Classrooms Workshop

We will train your school staff to recognize and respond to student’s grief in the classroom.  This presentation offers hands-on strategies so your school can become a grief-informed community:  a safe place where grieving students are supported and can grow and thrive over time after a loss. Students whose loss is acknowledged and supported do better academically, psychologically and emotionally.

Fostering Resilience in Parents and Students

Parents and other caregivers are the most powerful resource for helping bereaved children cope following the death of their parent, brother, sister, or other important person in their life. We teach practical parenting and self-care tools that promote resilience for children and caregivers. 

Building Internal Team of Grief and Loss Specialists

This three-day comprehensive training equips districts to have a grief and loss specialist in each school building in order to be able to be in charge of the ongoing creation of a grief-informed school. 

Offering Peer Support for your Students  

Pre-requisite is building internal team of Grief and Loss Specialist.  We will train team how to facilitate peer grief and loss support groups for students grieving any type of loss.


#Here4U is a unique school-based component of our overall Education and Training Programs.  A three-pronged educational program for New Jersey middle and high school students and their teachers and parents, its purpose is to normalize loss and grief and help youth develop healthy coping skills and grow in their resiliency. The primary goal of our #Here4U program is to normalize grief so students who experience a loss will feel comfortable reaching out and receiving support from their teachers and peers and to foster resiliency and emotional well-being for all grieving students regardless of the type of loss.   

Within the schools Imagine partners with the following three audiences:

  • Student Mentors – The interactive and experiential training includes teaching active listening skills, education about grief and loss and an opportunity to share their story of loss with their fellow students.
  • Teachers and School Administrators and Staff – a special session offers professional development credits for teachers, administrators and schools staff in a presentation that provides information about grief and loss as well as specific strategies on how to support grieving students.
  • Parents – a parent education component on the subject of Fostering Resilience in Children provides education for parents about grief and loss and how they can help their child learn the skills needed to cope with any type of loss, and practical parenting and self-care tools that have been shown to promote resilience for both children and caregivers/parents. 

To learn more about the Imagine experience, contact us today at 908.264.3100.

Cannot Say 

Imagine is such a blessing to all those who love and grieve. I cannot say enough about Connie Palmer (Imagine Clinical Training Director) and Imagine’s programs for high school students.”

– Joanne Scarano Jakubik, School Counselor at Union Catholic High