Coping Skills Toolbox

Coping Skills Toolbox

Self soothing: identify things that you can use to comfort yourself through your five senses:

  • Touch stuffed animals, stress balls, a pet, or a soft blanket
  • Listen to music, nature sounds, or meditation guides
  • Look at pictures, videos, self-affirmations, or visual imagery
  • Taste your favorite foods, candy, mints, tea, or gum
  • Smell candles, lotion, perfume, or essential oils

Distraction: identify activities that you enjoy doing, like puzzles, books, arts and crafts, movies, or exercising

Emotional Awareness: tools for identifying and expressing your feelings, like journals, writing supplies, drawing and painting supplies

Mindfulness: tools for centering and grounding yourself in the present moment, like meditation or relaxation recordings, grounding objects, or breathing exercises

Support System: contact information of supports and resources, like family, friends, and therapists

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