Volunteer Opportunities in Mountainside, New Jersey

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Imagine Tour

The first step to becoming a volunteer at Imagine is to attend an Imagine a World Tour.  Once you’ve learned what Imagine offers, you can choose a volunteer opportunity that works for you and your schedule – from setting-up rooms to providing your expertise as a board member, task force or committee member. Teens and adults provide hospitality and serve as ambassadors, spreading the word about Imagine online or in person.

You can view the full list of volunteer opportunities here

Peer Support Group Facilitator

Volunteer Facilitators are the heart and soul of Imagine.  Every two weeks, our adult and teen facilitators give their time and energy to make a lasting difference in the lives of grieving children, teens and adults. Volunteer facilitators’ caring presence and willingness to be with children and families in the midst of their grief is the cornerstone of the support we offer at Imagine.

With the guidance and supervision of our professional clinical staff, trained volunteer facilitators are valued and integral members of our bi-weekly family peer support groups.  Volunteers come from all walks of life and need no special background other than a willingness to listen, a heart inclined to serve, and the ability to be with children and adults in pain without trying to fix, solve or give advice.  No prior experience is necessary.

The Volunteer Facilitator Training is an intense four-day experience due to the nature of the subject. There are many opportunities for developing self-awareness as it relates to one’s own personal experiences with grief and loss.  Please be advised that as a result of this training you may experience an increased need for personal and/or professional support.

Program Volunteer

Program Volunteers assist with all of the details involved with running our peer support group programs on our Nights and Afternoons of Support.  This can range from setting up or cleaning up to greeting participants and providing hospitality.  It includes helping prepare special projects, organizing the arts and crafts and program rooms, to cleaning and repairing stuffed animals and decorating for special events.

Be an Ambassador

In order for Imagine to provide services and support to any child or family in need we need as many people as possible to know about us. We do this primarily through our tours.  Ambassadors are people who commit to having a minimum of 10 people attend an Imagine a World Tour within a three-month period.  Ambassador trainings are held quarterly at Imagine. 

Be an Imagineer

Imagineers are people we can call on to assist us in the office with mailings, making copies or assembling binders, to staffing tables at events and conferences, or distributing fliers and brochures at funeral homes, schools, houses of worship or downtown businesses.  Imagineers typically are people willing to roll up their sleeves and pitch in where help is needed.  They help with Wish List collection, assist at events, serve on committees, make phone calls, and basically say “yes” when we call and need help with any of the myriad projects and tasks that make up running Imagine.

Sign up for a tour today or contact us at 908-264-3100 or info@imaginenj.org for more information.


“Thank you so very much for your teaching, friendship, caring and laughter during our four-day Imagine training class. I am so honored to have shared this life changing experience with everyone.  It was an amazing four days and I already find myself using my newly acquired Imagine skills in all areas of my life.”

-Imagine Volunteer