Imagine Seeks Youth and Adult Volunteers

Imagine Seeks Youth and Adult Volunteers

Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss is planning two upcoming trainings for volunteer facilitators. The first is for adults and the second is for high school aged youth interested in facilitating Imagine’s peer support groups. Imagine’s volunteer facilitators come from all walks of life and no special background is required other than a willingness to listen, a heart inclined to serve, and the ability to be with children and adults in grief without trying to fix, solve or give advice. No prior experience is necessary.

Volunteers for the adult training must be 18 years or older. Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed as well. Youth facilitators volunteer in Imagine’s kids groups with children ages 3-12. Volunteers serve as companions and loving listeners for those who are grieving and help create a safe space where participants can share tears and embrace the joys of life.

Here’s what some of Imagine’s facilitators have shared about their experience:

“Being an Imagine volunteer has been the most fulfilling and worthwhile volunteer experience I’ve ever had. I feel that the model is just what it should be, and I love being a part of it. I think being an imagine volunteer helps me fulfill my desire to be a good person.” Aimee-6+ years as Imagine Facilitator

“People outside of Imagine are always supportive when they hear that I volunteer at a grief support center. But I know it can be a little confusing to hear that volunteering at a grief support center is the best night of my week. And that’s the magic. That as a volunteer, the joy is not in what we bring, but what we take home from our participants.” Rob-4+ years as Imagine Facilitator
“Being a part of imagine as a youth facilitator not only made my high school experience, it made me who I am today. I am so honored to be a part of a community that holds a space for so many families they can find nowhere else, as well as one that creates a space where us too as volunteers grow, and learn, and listen. At Imagine, I gained things that I don’t think are accessible elsewhere, all while hopefully adding to someone else’s life.” Dani-3 years as Imagine Youth Facilitator

If you’d like to join Imagine’s amazing team of volunteer facilitators, there are two upcoming trainings planned. The first is for adult facilitators and will be held August 18-20 from 9am -5pm each day over 3 days at Imagine’s Mountainside center. The second is for youth facilitators and will be held on Sept. 10th from 9am-5pm. Imagine asks that participants plan to attend their entire training.

Participants in each training will have an opportunity to learn companioning and facilitation skills while sharing stories with one another and providing each other with support. Many of Imagine’s facilitators come away from the training feeling truly connected to one another and describe the experience as “life changing”. Participants also come away better prepared to support those at Imagine, and those in their lives who have experienced a loss.

If you’d like to join one of the upcoming trainings, please scan the appropriate QR code below to complete our interest form. For more information, visit Imagine’s website at or call the center at 908-264-3100. Imagine’s staff and volunteers hope to welcome you to the team!

Imagine is a 501c3 nonprofit that offers free year-round grief support groups for children ages 3-18 and young adults 19-30 who are coping with a loss due to death. Concurrently, support groups are available for the parents and guardians of the children in the groups and offered in English and Spanish. Imagine also offers grief and loss education and training to the community. For more information please contact Imagine at 908-264-3100 or


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