Pink Horizon

Inside Text: “I am so sorry for your great loss. I always think unhappy times are the hardest for young people to bear. But I think they have a way of making one grow up with a lot more compassion. The thing that helps me feel better when I’m sad is to think that nothing – feelings or situations – good or bad, last forever.”

These are the words in a card received by Mary Robinson, Executive Director and Founder of Imagine after the death of her father when she was 14.

She held onto the card like a lifeline for it gave her hope that something good could come out of something so incomprehensible and painful. The good that eventually came from her loss was the creation of two NJ grief support centers for children and a life now dedicated to ensuring grieving children and teens receive the support they need after any painful loss.

Her hope is that teens receiving this card feel less alone and feel acknowledged and supported.


Imagine sympathy cards were designed specifically for youth by youth. The purchase price covers our cost to produce and ship the card. Please consider making an additional donation when you purchase a card to directly support Imagine peer grief support groups for children and teens coping with loss.

All cards come in a clear cellophane protective envelope with a “My Grief Rights” insert for the card recipient and “How to Support a Grieving Child or Teen” information sheet for the purchaser.